Author: Albert Pritchard.

116 pages, 160 colour pictures, size: A4 21 x 29,7 cm, thread bound, soft plasticized colour cover

This book comes 40 years after Peter Bally's out of print monumental work to finally fill a void with the introduction of the several new species discovered along these years. With his book Albert Pritchard, a prominent figure in the world of succulent Euphorbiaceae, together with his wife

Madagascar: a paradise at risk

Authors: Marc Teissier, Thierry Botta and Christophe Blanchy, 2006.

64 pages, more than 150 colour photos

Format A5 (162x230 mm), soft cover with laps, thread-bound

The authors report the results of a three week photographic trip to Madascar, documenting plants and animals in their natural habitat and showing how what was formerly a paradise is quickly deteriorating because of human activities,

An introduction to Euphorbiaceae

Author: Albert Pritchard, 2003.

64 pages, more than 48 large colour photos

Format A5 (162x230 mm), soft cover with laps, thread-bound

This book is a beginners' introduction to the succulent taxa of the Euphorbiaceae written by one of the most authoritative students of this huge and complex group of plants. In just a few pages, the author surveys all taxa

Melocacti of Cuba

Authors: Zoltàn Rigerszki, Gérard Delanoy, Endre Ujréti, Anselme Vilardebo.

180 pages, 270 colour photos

Format: 21 x 21 cm; plastic cover


For several, different reasons, Cuba is still a paradise rich of little known, unique plants and animals. This book, illustrated with magnificent images, deals with the history of the Melocacti of Cuba and includes extensive information on their habitats and their ecology.