It’s been a great adventure!

Letter from Alberto Marvelli to Cactus & Co. members

Obviously, I’m talking about the birth and development over these twenty years of the association CACTUS & Co.
I can still remember quite clearly that afternoon of so many years ago when a tiny group of enthusiasts, meeting under the arcade in my house at Venegono Superiore, decided we could do something more to support our love of all things spiny and succulent. And so we founded the association.
1997: the first brave issue of the journal, 48 pages in A4 format, in full colour, including a contribution from Gordon Rowley, one of the world’s greatest scholars of succulents.
And from there it continued, from almost 200 pages a year to the more than 320 of these last few years.
And then the books, and what books! Just to mention a few: “Vygies” by Ernst van Jaarsveld, “Crassula” and “Teratopia” by Gordon Rowley, “Lithops. Flowering Stones” by Desmond and Naureen Cole, “Melocactus of Cuba” by Z. Rigerski, G. Delanoy, E. Uiréti and A. Vilardebo, “The genus Turbinicarpus in San Luis Potosì” by Grupo San Luis, “Monadenium” by Albert Pritchard, “Succulent in Nature” by Laura Guglielmone, “Succulents, how to cultivate them” by Eggli & Gugliemone.
All published in both Italian and English, self-financing and, luckily, selling like hot cakes, completely covering the huge expenses involved.

Cactus & Co was founded in 1996 with the aim to promote the study and cultivation of succulent plants, with a particular focus on conservation of wild species and their habitats.


Our activities consist in publishing books and magazines, organizing exhibitions, conferences, meetings and visits to collections and nurseries.


We also provide a service for the free distribution of seeds and promote information dissemination through our web forum and the blog which are open to everyone, including non-members.