Cactus & Co was founded in 1996 with the aim to promote the study and cultivation of succulent plants, with a particular focus on conservation of wild species and their habitats.


Our activities consist in publishing books and magazines, organizing exhibitions, conferences, meetings and visits to collections and nurseries.


We also provide a service for the free distribution of seeds and promote information dissemination through our web forum and the blog which are open to everyone, including non-members.




The association publishes books and a quarterly magazine, bilingual, A4-size , 260-page, richly illustrated with an average of 200 colour photos per issue.
Articles deal with cultivation, classification, places of origin. Members can buy online at www.cactus


ATTENTION PLEASE: the publication of the magazine is temporarily suspended. To read more about it click here .


Why joining

By joining you have the opportunity to meet other enthusiasts, share information with them, participate in conferences, have the reserved access for some articles in the blog, purchase back issues at discounted prices, books priced at the pure cost of printing and receive free seeds. Registration can be done online, in the dedicated page of our website: